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5 Ways to Design Your Own Sofa


If you are just moving in and you need furniture for your new home, or if you only need to change the look of the living room, then you need to find a sofa to buy. As there are numerous choices it becomes really quite tasking to get the right kind of sofa that would fit ones taste, room and pocket. Perhaps, have you ever thought that it will be more effective to design a sofa which will suit your need rather than spending hours and days moving from furniture shops and browsing through the internet? Sofa kits enable you to design your own furniture to the exact measurements, design and material type, and characteristics you prefer. Below are the five things that you should look at when you want to come up with a sofa that looks like no other.

Choose the Size

Starting the process of selecting your perfect sofa means knowing how big it should be to fit perfectly into the room. Choose the area you want to locate the sofa and draw a rough layout of the area and the possible dimensions of a sofa. When it comes to the usage of dimensions, it will enable you to see how they will fit in a scaled manner. Leave enough space to walk around the sofa and open doors between it.

Select the Shape 

There are also several styles you may have to choose from, including regular length, a single chaise on one side, L-shaped or a modular one. Optimise more sitting area through corner sofa or can make sofa as the centre of attraction of the room by making its shape circular or semi circular. If you want to create a sectional that is floated off the walls, which is a trend in interior design at the moment, then a sectional means that you can reposition the pieces in various ways.

Pick Out the Cushions  

While considering the features of a custom sofa, it is also good to think about the cushions to be included into the design. In this case, which firmness of the car seat do you find more comfortable? His and hers washbasins have an elegant look and durable foam is used for support while down cushions are used for comfort. Coil, latex and polyfill cushions for example also have varied levels of support.

Select the Upholstery

With a wide range of fabrics available to you, it may feel quite daunting at first to find the type of upholstery you want for your home. However, considering the space where the sofa is going to be placed and what ambiance you would like to have in that area could help with choosing. Furnishing and other fabrics like linen or cotton fabrics are more relaxed in look and hence very suitable for the beach house. Carpets with high pile or luxurious textures in shades of rich velvet or textured chenille suit the more formal living room. The most suitable fabrics for these frequently-used family areas would be microsuede or synthetic material.

Choose the Frame

The last crucial decision you have to make here when ordering your custom sofa is to decide between what material you would like its internal frame made of. Solid wood frames are much more durable and more resistant than other types of frames but they also can be heavier and costlier. When it comes to framing, engineered wood frames also involve the use of layers of plywood that are pressed together with the intention of giving more sturdiness at a lower cost.


The process of creating a sofa or sofa bed that will be individual requires some time and good ideas, but as a result, you get a unique piece of furniture that will complement any interior. To design the size options, you should first determine the size of the space you want to remodel and draw the size you intend to have. Next, determine if you want a more traditional cut or if you have your heart set on a specific design.

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