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hot gifts for newly weds

8 hot gifts for newly weds for less than 75 euros!


Dear guests, are you planning to offer an original wedding gift to the newlywed couple instead of – or in addition to – an envelope with money? Our personalized gift ideas for a small budget have everything to please them!

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Invited to a wedding soon, you do not have very close ties with the couple? Are you going to spend a considerable sum for this occasion, between trips, outfits and overnight stays? Are you attending several weddings this year? You simply have a small budget or are only going to participate in the reception… There are plenty of reasons why you are aiming for the minimum budget estimated by the Calculator for a wedding gift: 75 euros or less . The thing is, you still want to please the newlywed couple and invest in a useful, funny, or romantic gift., which shows that you are thinking of them. The envelope with money, very little for you! This sum you will devote to the choice of a nice present. All you have to do is dig into these 18 inexpensive wedding gift ideas .

Personalized gifts for newlyweds

1. Portrait of a modern couple

Best-selling wedding gifts , this couple portrait,  economical and customizable by the choice of colors and text, is a safe bet! With a contemporary and romantic design made  from the photo of your choice , it’s a very original decorative idea that won’t ruin small purses!

If you love handcrafted gifts, look no further and let Foxegle’s bespoke artwork store know your requirements when placing your order.

2. Chart of the sky during an unforgettable moment

A piece of heaven to offer to a just married couple ? Yes, yes and a thousand times yes! Not just any, but the starry sky of the most beautiful night of their life : D-Day. This sky map from Our Creative Workshop is a handmade wooden gift on which the constellation of a iconic night.

You just have to tell the seller the date and place of the night that changed the couple’s life, the first names and a message to personalize it. An image of the sky taken from astronomical data  of this concrete moment will be reflected on the beautiful object, to be hung or placed on a piece of furniture, which is self-sufficient without the need for a frame. Challenged to find, more personal and romantic…

3. Custom comic

This wedding, you already know that the couple will want to relive it endlessly, as they love to share anecdotes and recount memories of their relationship. Offer a comic book to personalize with this love story and its epic moments as Les Pastels d’Alice offers you! A board or a complete book, the price varies according to the format.

This illustrated book  is a unique gift that will touch lovers, also because of its beautiful quality. You will exchange on several occasions with the designer from the sending of a model, on the progress of the project, before the final printing!

4. Box for the departure of the honeymoon

There is no better gift  than the one that comes with a new beginning. If the newlyweds have a little blues once the festivities are over, here’s something to cheer them up and immerse them in upcoming projects.

Anticipate this mood and the preparations for the next trip by offering them a  special honeymoon box , like the one from Studio Hiradora, top seller on Etsy.

Luggage tags, duo of eye patches, passport covers, customizable T-shirts and name travel kits, everything is there to get your honeymoon off to a great start .

5. Travel photo album

You can also plan the post-honeymoon . Stay in a wedding-themed gift with this photo album created by L’Atelier Plume d’Ange where the bride and groom can collect all the good memories of their honeymoon.

Very beautiful object with its hard waxed cover, this photo album  of 50 sheets is available in a whole range of colors.

6. An engraved love padlock

When you have a very small gift budget, you have to aim for symbolic and meaningful gifts . If the newlyweds around you are preparing to tour the emblematic places of love together  , offer them a padlock to seal their most romantic vows. Or ? On the bridge of a city they will visit during their honeymoon or during another trip…

To complete another gift or simply wish them eternity, the love padlock is always a good idea. This model on which you can have the couple’s first names engraved at the time of the online purchase will have its most beautiful effect!

7. Jute and cotton travel bag

The suitcase for the honeymoon exceeds your gift budget which oscillates between 50 and 75 euros ? Fall back on a personalized shopping bag in your writing colors, perfect for a Honeymoon  !

This beach bag,  as cute as it is resistant, is the accessory that any bride wishes to take with her for her honeymoon in the tropics.

Its sober design will allow him to use it when he returns from the honeymoon or a romantic road trip, for the gym, the swimming pool, and many other activities.

8. Bride and groom piggy bank with custom bottom

For the honeymoon like many other ongoing projects, you care about the savings of the bride and groom . Instead of slipping them a well-stocked envelope, you can offer them a piggy bank to put money aside, once the wedding urn has been emptied (and spent)!

Forget the piggy bank in the shape of a pig and bet on a much more aesthetic model , personalized with the image of the bride and groom: with a photo of the couple on the bottom!

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