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Furnishing and Carpets

5 Ways to Design Your Own Sofa

107 ViewsIf you are just moving in and you need furniture for your new home, or if you only need to change the look of the living room, then you need to find a sofa to buy. As there are numerous choices it becomes really quite tasking to get the [...]

While the web is ultra-convenient, do not sleep on in-person thrift and secondhand stores either. You can frequently stumble across hidden gems at mind-blowingly low prices if you invest some time digging

Smart Shopping Tips for Event Planners

33 ViewsAs an event planner, you are always on the hunt for the coolest, most unique items to amplify your soirees and make them unforgettable. From decorations to entertainment to giveaways, the possibilities are endless, but so is the potential to overspend. That is why smart shopping strategies are a [...]