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While the web is ultra-convenient, do not sleep on in-person thrift and secondhand stores either. You can frequently stumble across hidden gems at mind-blowingly low prices if you invest some time digging

Smart Shopping Tips for Event Planners


As an event planner, you are always on the hunt for the coolest, most unique items to amplify your soirees and make them unforgettable. From decorations to entertainment to giveaways, the possibilities are endless, but so is the potential to overspend. That is why smart shopping strategies are a must. With some savvy moves, you can score awesome supplies without blowing budgets.

Maximize the Internet

In the digital age, the world’s biggest shopping malls are just a click away. Make the internet your first stop when item hunting by scouring deal sites, online discount retailers, and even peer-to-peer marketplaces. Often, you will uncover way better pricing than in brick-and-mortar stores, especially for novelty or bulk orders.

For instance, maybe you are organizing an influencer summit and want to hand out bulk designer sunglasses as gifts branded with your logo. Sourcing those direct from an online distributor of wholesaler sunglasses, like Olympic Eyewear, yields way cheaper rates than buying from a regular retailer. Just make sure to compare shipping costs across a few sites.

Thrift and Secondhand Scores

While the web is ultra-convenient, do not sleep on in-person thrift and secondhand stores either. You can frequently stumble across hidden gems at mind-blowingly low prices if you invest some time digging. Vintage or antique items make particularly cool decorative pieces or awards for events on a shoestring budget.

Negotiate, Negotiate, Negotiate!

Don’t simply pay sticker prices without trying to negotiate first. Vendors usually have some wiggle room, especially for large orders. Feel empowered to firmly but politely push for discounts or bonus extras thrown in to help sweeten any deals. A quick conversation could shave hundreds off total expenses.

Network and Leverage Connections

Working relationships are powerful in the events world. Connect with other planners through local associations and internet groups to share supplier recommendations, pro tips, and leads on discounts or promotions. The more you network, the more opportunities arise.

Piggybacking off someone else’s order to hit minimum quantity thresholds is one way to save big. Or you might get insider intel on when specific vendors offer blowout sales or make bulk buys directly from overstock liquidators. It is a smart hustle.

Don’t Impulse Purchase

Spotting something exceptionally cool while browsing for event supplies can trigger intense desire. But fight those urges to impulse purchase anything that is not 100% necessary or already accounted for in your budget. Unplanned expenditures add up really fast.

Before any non-essential purchase, implement a 24-hour waiting period to evaluate if you genuinely need that item or were just experiencing shiny object syndrome. Making impulse purchases detracts from funds for the event’s core needs.

Reuse and Recycle Like a Pro

Finally, maximize every purchase by reusing and recycling supplies as much as you can from one event to the next. Streamline inventory tracking to know exactly what leftovers and reusable pieces are stockpiled. Storing these properly between events allows you to repurpose them affordably.

Renting is overrated and better suited as an occasional backup plan. Taking the reusable route over repeatedly renting the same thing makes way more financial sense over the long-term. Plus, investing in quality core supplies upfront builds an arsenal that lasts for years.


Smart shopping requires diligence, flexibility, and knowing how to work the system. But mastering these money-saving tactics gives you a significant edge over other event planners continually overpaying or wasting funds carelessly.

With the right combination of bargaining, online ordering, reusing supplies, and networking with supplier sources, you can consolidate spending while still sourcing awesome, buzzworthy pieces for unforgettable events. Every dollar saved is a victory.

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