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10 wedding entertainment ideas to surprise the bride and groom!


Your best friend is getting married ? Maybe you’ve even been chosen as a bridesmaid or a wedding witness  ?! In short, you are not an ordinary guest . As you know, you have a role to play in making the wedding reception unforgettable . It’s up to you to reserve a few surprises for them that, in addition to touching them, will liven up the evening.

We therefore offer you  some ideas for wedding entertainment to surprise the bride and groom!

1. A choreography

It was time to dance and the bride and groom opened the festivities with their first dance. Now it’s up to you to amaze them and offer them an unforgettable moment! Offer them a choreography that you will have created yourself. Choose a song that connects you with the couple, that reminds you of memories shared with them.

For the most motivated, Elodie, the super wedding-planner of the Fabrique à Mariage  offers a  flashmob  ! “ It’s a very nice animation that will set the guests’ homes on fire and fill the eyes of the newlyweds with tears of joy . A flashmob is a choreography launched by 3 or 4 people to lively music which, little by little, welcomes the other guests. In the end, we end up with a lot of people in front of the bride and groom, all doing the same choreography. For the last one, I had chosen “ I gotta feeling ” and I got almost all the guests to participate. It was great and unforgettable! »

2. A dedicated song

As Emmanuelle, the talented wedding-planner of M Creation Events , points out, you can always express yourself. Alone or with others, dedicate a song to the newlyweds. Attention, it is not enough just to sing the song, it would be too easy! Our wedding-planner  says that if you play an instrument … It makes all the difference!

You do not feel like performing such a performance, think of a professional singer! With Wedding Singer , you can for example choose some or all of the songs for your wedding as well as the precise moment of the performance.

3. The emotional film

It’s a classic, but it always makes a splash! Make a short film with your friends, family… And leave personal messages for each of the bride and groom.

Are you a tender?  Recall the memories of childhood, of joys, of laughs that you shared with the newlyweds. Or choose to tell the couple’s story through beautiful shots. To help you, call on specialized companies like Myeditlab , specialists in the art of telling the most beautiful stories.

Humor, always? Let go and don’t hesitate to caricature the brides -while remaining nice-, throw in some funny anecdotes  that you had kept secret until now… Why not create a sketch on an unusual or memorable situation that they experienced? or that you lived with them? But do not be vulgar, avoid inappropriate comments and embarrassment  ! Don’t forget that the families are present, and especially think of the revenge they could have on you at your own wedding…

4. The Photocall

The Photobooth , you know. But Emmanuelle, from Photocall Event , explains to us that she has recently proposed a new Photobooth background concept “Livre d’Or”, where “ after taking their picture in front of the Photo Booth, guests can leave a note inside the colored circles using an indelible marker (marker for CDs) . It’s quite innovative and many of my bride and groom were won over! ”

“I also offer customization of the background colors according to the theme of the bride and groom. I have already made a red and black, gold and white, pink and silver, parma and white theme… Not to mention the accessories in relief , made with polymer clay to order and by hand: mouths and mustaches on sticks of your choice of colors and customizable , and the Instructions for use poster. “

5. The Fingerprint Tree

The other animation that works very well according to Emmanuelle, “ customizable with the first names of the bride and groom ( and the date, or other text!), 2 formats to choose from and inking included . This animation is very popular during the reception , to be placed next to the guest book , or more and more, to close the secular ceremony … Each guest leaves his or her fingerprint on one of the branches of the tree , signs next door (or not) and the bride and groom can frame it and keep it as a souvenir of their most beautiful day. ”

6. The Lipdub

In a singing mood? Lipdubis made for you ! La Fabrique à Mariage explains the principle to us: “ It is a video in a single sequence with background music, and where the protagonists do playback . I had the chance to accompany witnesses in the organization of a lipdub. The idea was to represent the bride and groom in different situations of their daily life, in their own home. Lots of organization but it was hilarious ! A very nice surprise. »

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