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Your Siblings on Your Wedding Day

7 Gifts to Give Your Siblings on Your Wedding Day


Are you going to say yes to yourself soon and are looking for a special gift idea for your brother or sister to prove to him/her how much he/she means to you? Here are seven proposals that are sure to delight him!

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Your wedding preparations are progressing slowly but surely: you have already chosen your wedding dress and your future husband has also spotted his suit, but there is still a black spot… you are still and always looking for a wedding gift idea original to offer to your brother or sister? Indeed, an event such as a wedding is also an opportunity to tell our loved ones how much we love them and how grateful we are that they are present at our side every day.

If you are out of inspiration, these 7 present ideas for your brother or sister should seduce you!

1. Your bridal bouquet

Whether you have decided on the classic bouquet of roses or not, this floral arrangement is one Your Siblings on Your Wedding Day of the strongest elements of a wedding. Giving it to your sister would therefore be a real symbol of love and trust .

If you still want to respect the tradition of the bouquet toss , you can divide this accessory in two . So you can give some of it to your sister and honor the throwing tradition at the same time.

The other possible variant, if you have a brother, is to symbolically offer him your husband’s buttonhole after the ceremony.

2. A letter from the heart

In our age where everything is digital, it has become increasingly rare to put our feelings on paper. However, a sincere and fraternal text of love is the most beautiful gift! You can give it to your brother or sister after the big day or surprise them by reading it to them during your wedding acceptance speech .

Anecdotes, highlights of your life, memories or love quotes , do not hesitate to indulge yourself with an open heart.

3. A unique experience for two

Has your brother or sister always dreamed of going to their favorite star’s concert, taking oenology lessons or enjoying an exceptional sporting experience ? It’s time to live this unique moment together!

There are many activities that we tend to postpone, making sure that we will do them “later”: what if “later” were “now”? Don’t wait any longer to satisfy your desire to get away from it all with a delicious meal, a well-being break or an outdoor activity !

4. A Secret Getaway

A few days after the wedding, treat yourself to a short trip just for two , a secret getaway where you can only do what you want!

Short cruise, hotel stay,  spa with your sister or mountain hike with your brother… you are spoiled for choice.

5. A photo album of your fondest memories

It is often said that the writings remain… but so do the photos! What could be more moving than creating a photo album retracing in full the life of your brother or sister and yours? Childhood, adolescence, giggles, first steps at school, disguised birthdays, travels… don’t forget any stage!

If you are manual, nothing prevents you from opting for a fully customizable album according to your desires , thanks to the technique of scrapbooking for example.

6. A symbolic jewel for her

The idea of ​​offering a jewel to your sister is a sentimental gift that will necessarily be appreciated. You who know perfectly well her taste for symbolic accessories, choose for her a necklace made up of two intertwined hearts , in the image of your eternal love!

Accompanied by a sweet note and enclosed in a pretty gift box , make sure that this present will go straight to his heart!

7. A personalized mug for him

Your brother is exceptional and you want to let him know in a unique and lasting way? So give him a personalized mug with his first name (and a little tender word of your choice) to tell him how much you love him!

All in white ceramic and delivered with its cork lid , this mug will keep your brother’s morning coffee warm and give him a smile for the rest of the day!

Thus, a gift for your brother or sister is not necessarily an expensive material good but rather a special moment to share together that you will remember all your life! Whether you surprise her during your wedding speech or after the ceremony, these moments will only further strengthen your bond.

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