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Good reasons to use baby cold cream


Cold cream is the ultimate protective treatment for baby’s skin when the first colds hit. What’s in the cold cream? What are the benefits of cold cream? With Nadine Pomarède, dermatologist, we tell you all about this miracle cream!

What are the benefits of cold cream?

Cold cream has been around for centuries! Indeed, for the record,  the cerat of Galen (one of the Greek fathers of medicine in the 2nd century) is the basis of cold cream. Its name “cold cream”, which means “cold cream” in English, would have been given to it because its texture provides a feeling of freshness on the skin, on application. Cold cream doesn’t just take care of baby’s skin. Indeed, this ointment is ideal for protecting the skin of babies and children but also that of adults, it is a cream to share with the family! Avène cold cream, Mustela cold cream, Weleda cold cream … Cold cream is very popular and all brands (or almost) offer it in their care range, especially for babies.

What is the composition of cold cream?

A bit like liniment for babies , Cold cream is made up of only a minimum of ingredients, which makes it the ideal friend for the most fragile skin like Baby’s. This ancestral treatment is made mainly of distilled water, beeswax (the famous cerat) and fatty substances. The cold cream can be enriched with sweet almond oil and rose water. Today, some cold cream manufacturers also enrich it with thermal water (for its soothing properties).

Why use a cold cream on baby’s skin?

Cold cream is the preferred treatment for sensitive, dry and very dry skin. This baby care effectively protects the skin from drying out. Indeed, it forms an impermeable film on the skin, its texture is film-forming. Like a shield, the cold cream protects baby’s skin from the harmful effects of the cold. Cold Cream has always been recognized for its nourishing, emollient and protective benefits. Moreover, if the cold cream has many assets to relieve the skin of external aggressions, it is also an ally of choice to prevent their appearance, it can also be applied preventively.

When to put Cold Cream?

The best time is, of course, right after  baby washes . After taking Baby out of the bath, dry his skin well and apply cold cream to his face and body. The cold cream is above all an anti-dryness cream but it can very well be used as a daily care cream, especially if the baby’s skin is excessively dry or if it has irritations. The cold cream can also be used at any other time of the day, in particular to relieve Baby of the redness that he may have around the mouth, elbows…

What are the benefits of cold cream?

A veritable Swiss army knife, this cream can be applied to all skin types, both on the body and on the face of the whole family. For babies, cold cream effectively soothes chapping, redness (around the mouth, on baby’s cheeks, etc.), scabs and tightness in the epidermis (well known to atopic skin). This cream has a long-lasting and restorative action, it restores the protective barrier of the skin.

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